Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In the beginning...and other randoms

Have any of you lovely readers ever asked yourself, "Why did I start this blog?"...or maybe wondered why someone else started theirs? Well if you've ever wondered that about me, today's your lucky day 'cause I'm gonna tell ya! I know, I know - super exciting right? Haha, be completely honest, it's also today's topic over at Windy Poplars - yay for stories! :)

Windy Poplars

What made me want to start my blog...

My BFF Jennie of course! (That girl can get my to do just about anything! haha) She had started blogging and had told me about it and it sounded interesting and fun - but mostly like something I would genuinely enjoy. I thought about it for a while before I finally jumped on the wagon. I have enough time (correction: had), it is a good way to keep in touch with family and friends, and it's a great way to meet new people.

I took baby steps at first, mostly using it as an accountability tool between me and Jennie, but not long after it turned into more of a journal. I used to journal often back in middle and high school but when college rolled around I stopped...not really sure why. Anyway, I'm back to "journaling" through this blog and really enjoy it - and I think my family (which is 7-15 hours away) appreciates it, too. :)

So there it is, short and sweet. I love that I get inspiration and ideas about so many things (all the way from food to family to fashion) from fellow bloggers and have the opportunity to share my ideas (however few and far between they may be) with others.

Now on to randomness...

  • Did I tell y'all I bought my wedding dress? Because I did :) about 2 weeks ago when we girls made the trip to Austin for Muddy Buddy. I love it and found it at the first shop we went to (we missed my first appointment because we were running late, the traffic was terrible, and so was the weather - but who cares because I found THE dress at the "second" appointment - divine intervention? Maybe...).
  • This weekend is three very special people's birthdays - Spencer, my Mom, and my good friend Lindsey's little girl Parker. Spence and I are flying to Houston Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with his parents and best friend. Since we won't be here to share it with my momma, we're going out to dinner Thursday with my parents to make up for it.

  • I made Ratatouille last night with tortellini and pesto for dinner. It was simply AH-may-ZING if I do so say myself! I will post the recipe and some pics tonight or tomorrow. It's an easy dish and is great in summer or winter - plus it's all vegetables! Nothing but lots of vitamins with a dash of olive oil and salt! :)
  • I started marathon training this Monday. Like I said in the last post, there are a lot of changes taking place; so, instead of doing the Rock'N'Roll Marathon in December, we're shooting for October 23 to run Chosen: Marathon for Adoption in New Braunfels - T-minus 20 weeks!
  • Mother Nature brought me a little present yesterday...she seems to bring the same thing every month, thanks a lot MN! Hehe, but in return for my not-so-sweet gift, my wonderful fiance brought me some very sweet gifts - cookies and 2 chic flicks! We watched "Valentine's Day" last night and it was super cute! Such a great cast! And tonight or tomorrow night it'll be "Dear John".
  • I have a wonderful fiance who is constantly putting my needs before his and his love for me blows my mind every day. I feel so blessed that one day I will get to call him my husband.
  • And I think that's all the randomness I have for now.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time for Change...101 in 1001

Hey y'all! I know I've been MIA these past few weeks (with the exception of a few Top 2 Tuesdays, Wishful Wednesdays, and a Kindred Connection or two...) but as far as more personal (and original) posts go, I definitely fell off the wagon and hid under a rock!

There are a lot of changes taking place in my tiny little corner of the universe, and truth be told, by the end of the day all I want to do is zone out and relax. I haven't had the energy or creativity to do any blogging. I would open it up and stare at the screen, racking my brain to find something to write about, and after adding more frustration and stress to my already frustrated and stressed life, I'd give up and pout. Yes, pout. I felt like such a disappointment to myself. I would think, "Seriously, Nicole? Nothing? You gotta be kidding me...what happened to you?". Not fun. at all. But I am glad to say that I think the storm has passed and I have decided to come out and play.

You know what...that's a lie. The storm has not passed. In fact, I'm right in the middle of it. But I'm tired of pouting. It's time to shake off this energy (and life) sucking coat I've been wearing and go dance in the rain. One of my favorite quotes is "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about getting out there and dancing in the rain." When did I forget that and fall into the "whoa-is-me" hole?

So in honor of dancing in the rain, I am going to post my "101 in 1001". I know I'm late with this "trend" but I'm such a list person, I LOVE lists. And setting goals. So it figures that I would do something like this. If you don't know what it is, here is the site. In a nutshell, you create a list of 101 things/goals you can reasonably accomplish in 1001 days, which is roughly a little less than 3 years. I like it because you have a deadline, unlike a "Bucket List" where you still have a deadline...but it could be decades, haha. This is a little more short sighted and (hopefully) attainable. Anyway, without further ado...Nicole's:

101 in 1001

For the Adrenaline Junkie in me
  1. Run a marathon
  2. Do a triathlon
  3. Go surfing
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Take a self-defense/martial arts class
  6. Go camping twice a year (0/6)
  7. Get a new tattoo
  8. Go kayaking
  9. Ride in a helicopter
  10. Go hunting
  11. Go ice skating
  12. Go to a horse race or derby

    For my Wanderlust
  13. Travel outside the country once a year (0/3)
  14. Have a girl's weekend or trip once every 3 months (0/10)
  15. Take a weekend get-away once every season (0/11)
  16. Take more "detours"
  17. Take a trip without a map - just drive

    For my Faith
  18. Read The Bible cover to cover (I'm doing the 90 Day Challenge starting today! 5/24/10)
  19. Tithe monthly (0/33)
  20. Share my testimony with someone
  21. Share the gospel with a stranger
  22. Read The Bible or a devotional daily
  23. Spend time in prayer daily
  24. Get "plugged in" at church
  25. Join a small group at church
  26. Memorize one verse a month (0/33)

    For my Love

  27. Make a scrapbook of me and Spencer
  28. Take Spencer to a professional sports game
  29. Go horseback riding on the beach with my man
  30. Have a "family portrait" taken
  31. Have our perfect wedding
  32. Have a unique and spectacular honeymoon
  33. Have a special date night once a month (1/33)

    For my Brain
  34. Re-learn Spanish and German
  35. Learn to play the guitar and piano
  36. Go back to school and get my Master's
  37. Read 10 books on the "1,001 Books to Read Before You Die" (1/10)
    - "I Know Why the Caged Bird Signs" by Maya Angelou
  38. Journal 3 times a week
  39. Read at least one non-fiction book every 3 months (1/10)
    - "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou
  40. Write a short story
  41. Have something published
  42. Try something new every month (food, activity, etc.) (1/33)
    - 1. Ate starfruit 5/24/10 and saw Cirque de la Symphonie 5/30/10
  43. Join a club (book, garden, dinner, etc.)

    For my Wallet

  44. Pay off all credit cards and personal loans
  45. Get a full time job
  46. Have $5,000 in savings
  47. Anything that can be energy efficient, make it energy effecient
  48. Become 100% independent from my parents
  49. Pay off my Jeep
  50. Create a monthly budget (and stick to it!) (0/32)

    For my Planet
  51. Have a vegetable garden
  52. Grow an herb garden
  53. Start recycling
  54. Plant a tree on Earth Day (0/2)
  55. Be part of a beautification project
  56. Eat more local and organinc foods
  57. Buy a bicycle - and use it :)

    For others
  58. Donate clothing to Goodwill or Women's Shelter annually (0/3)
  59. Help a stranger in need
  60. Help a friend in need
  61. Give an anonymous monetary gift yearly (0/3)
  62. Reach out to someone I've lost touch with
  63. Love an "unlovely"
  64. Visit youngest brother once a semester (0/6)
  65. Send a care package to someone (friend, soldier, etc.)
  66. Bake a neighbor cookies
  67. Join Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  68. Volunteer with Meals on Wheels
  69. Bring treats to the department twice a year (0/6)

    Just for Me :)
  70. Have Taz & Nala 100% trained
  71. Learn to sew/use a sewing machine
  72. Make an article of clothing
  73. Send a card to someone just because once a month (0/33)
  74. Exercise 3 times per week
  75. Cook a holiday meal
  76. Host a dinner party every year (0/3)
  77. Give up soda completely
  78. Paint a canvas for the living room using a favorite quote as inspiration
  79. Make a wreath
  80. Take more pictures
  81. Host a theme party
  82. Make real sun tea every summer (0/3)
  83. Make Neiman Marcus cookies
  84. Cook a 3 course meal with perfect wine pairings
  85. Re-learn how to crochet
  86. Go to a ballet
  87. Go to the Opera
  88. See a Broadway production (July 4, 2010 - "Wicked")
  89. Build a piece of furniture
  90. Have a "grown-up" wardrobe
  91. Bake a pie from scratch
  92. Do yoga weekly
  93. Send family Christmas cards every year (0/3)
  94. Learn how to make tamales
  95. Hodgepodge a garage sale item
  96. Sleep under the stars
  97. Go barefoot for one day
  98. Do a grape stomp
  99. Brew my own beer or make my own wine
  100. Move from Midland
  101. Learn to dance

    Start date: May 24, 2010
    End date: February 17, 2013

    Items in italics are currently in progress

    Anyone else choosing to dance in the rain? :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KC - Vacation

With the begininning of summer comes everyone's favorite thing - vacation! That's what Kristin's topic is this week over at Windy Poplar's...

Windy Poplars

1. What is the most recent vacation you've been on?
I had an amazing "mini-vacay" to Austin this past weekend for the Muddy Buddy race with some great girlfriends! Check out my BFF Jennie's post about it! But as far as a "real" vacation, it was in February on Valentine's weekend when my "then-boyfriend" (now fiance!) took me on a surprise trip to can read about it here.

2. What is the destination of the vacation of your dreams?
Haha, well my highly unrealistic one would be to spend 6 months to a year traveling around the world. But on a more realistic dream scale... I've always dreamed on going on an African safari (I love the raw, wild beauty of it - oh, and the fact that there is literally danger around every corner)...

and touring Eastern Europe (something so remote yet so romantic about this part of the world)....

3. Do you have a favorite place you vacation to regularly?
I don't really consider it a vacation because it's where my family is and where I was born, but I go to New Braunfels at least 3 times a year. It's a great Texas Hill Country vacation spot - especially in the summer when you can float the river! It's right between San Antonio and Austin so there's always something to do.

4. Vacation preference: beach, city, or mountains?
Honestly, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm feeling very beachy, and other times more mountainy. I never really have an urge to go to a city, but sometimes I think it's nice - especially when it's NYC for your 21st birthday! Haha.

5. Have you ever vacationed with a group of people (other than your family)? If so: How did you coordinate it, and would you do it again?
The only group I've "vacationed" with was for a study abroad class. Our schedule was pretty much planned out for us and they allowed us to break into small groups in our free time to do our own exploring. I enjoyed it very much, but have not done a group trip since. I've heard group trips can be a lot of fun as long as it stays between around 6 people, otherwise it's too hard to make everyone happy :)

Wishful Wed... Bedroom

Well it's Wednesday and you know what that means.... Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday! I really enjoyed this week's topic...even though it had me scouring the internet for what seemed like hours (ok...maybe it was hours....) and now all I've been able to do is dream about my future home...

"I wish"... I could come home to
_______ each and every night!!

Shabby chic mixed with a little...

Rustic - exposed beams, worn wood, and a fireplace - mixed with...

Antique details and a chandelier!
I couldn't find a picture that has all those things - so throw in a little bit from each of these photos and you'd have my dream bedroom!

But don't forget about the details! Like:

this adorable night stand...

and these candleholders...

and this living room (L.O.V.E. the floor to ceiling windows!)...

with this view!

One day day... :)
Can't wait to see y'alls dream rooms!

T2T - Before I die...

Taylor has a great topic for T2T this week! Go link up to play along!

Top 2 Things I want to do before I die....

1. Travel to all 7 continents and at least half of all the countries in the world (there are 195 total).

2. Make a difference. I know this is very broad, but I'm not quite sure what this will entail. It could be fighting for a cause at home or abroad, becoming an ambassador, funding a project, conducting research - who knows! I don't know what it will be for or when it will happen, but when it does I'll know. Sounds strange but that desire has been rooted in my heart for as long as I can remember, and I don't think it's without reason...the time just hasn't come yet. :)

Runner up:

*Owning my own business - an outdoor adventure shop. I am an adrenaline junkie, no doubt, so this would satisfy my HUGE appetite for exciting (and sometimes dangerous) activities.

I know it's a day late but yesterday was so just too busy for any computer time and I just couldn't pass up the fun topic!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kindred Connection Party :)

It's that time of week again for Kristin at Windy Poplar's Kindred Spirit Connection Party! I love the questions this week, so fun!! If you wanna join that party, head on over and link up :)

Windy Poplars

1. How do you most like to entertain during the summer (pool party, picnic, cookout, etc.)? - Or if your situation doesn't allow for entertaining right now, what do you look forward to being able to host?
I live in an apartment right now, so my only option is to grill out at the pool. It's fun, and lucky for me Spencer is a grill master! We have a blast just hanging out, getting a tan, and eating some yummy food.

But what I most look forward to is having a house of our own. I absolutely can.not.wait!! I hope to have a wrap around porch and giant patio in the back. Perfect for summertime cookouts. I'd also like to have an outdoor fireplace/fire pit for mini bonfires and some s'more roasting! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!! Eeeek - seriously can.NOT.wait!! :)

2. Do you have a favorite summertime dessert?
Gelato. Not just any gelato. Real Italian gelato. The summer I spent in Italy I had this delicious treat at least once a day (okay...I'll admit it... 3 times a day on the weekends). It is sooo amazing. I've tried some gelato stands and shops here but it just isn't the same :( but that doesn't stop me from getting it! Haha.

3.What is your best outdoor summer date idea?
Twilight picnic and then laying out and looking at the stars. I just love to stargaze, I think it's so romantic to share your feelings under the sparkle of a marvelous sky.

4. Share any outdoor decorating tips/ideas you have...
I don't have an outdoor area at this time :( We have an itty bitty patio with one barrell of flowers I planted the other weekend. I love those flowers :) But the best tip I have is to make it relaxing. I love sitting outside spring through fall and watching time go by. Big, comfy chairs (pappasan anyone?), a fire, the smell of flowers drifting through the air, and a canopy that could only be designed by the most awesome Creator is all I need :)

5. What will we find you wearing most in the summertime?
A swimsuit. I love the water, and although there's not (ok, hardly....ugh, barely...fine, zero) water in West Texas, that's not gonna stop this girl! I am a bona-fide lounge lizard. I will lay out by the pool and soak up the rays. And any weekend I can make it, you bet it'll be a river trip! But during those times I cannot don my suit, you can find this girl in shorts and a cute tank. When temperatures reach over 100 most summer days, the less amount of clothes you have on the better.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wishful Wed... Regret

It's time for Wishful Wednesday (again?? is it already the middle of the week??) and Kelsey has another fun topic!

"I wish"... I hadn't thrown
away my grandmother's promise ring.
Now before everyone freaks out - NO, I did NOT throw it away. I lost it. But it was pretty much throwing it away...
When I was in 8th grade my grandmother, Nanny, gave me the promise ring that my grandpa, my Papa, gave her. It was the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen. It was silver with a tiny, delicate rose as the center with a little diamond in the center of it. Perfection. After she put it on my finger, I never took it off....until one day... I went to go play basketball one weekend afternoon and of course I wore it. Dumb idea. At some point during our little game of bball it fell off and I didn't even realize it until I got home. In a panic I literally ran back to where we had played basketball and spent hours crawling on my hands and knees trying to find it. No luck, it was gone.
I didn't tell her I lost it. Even when she saw me and asked me where it was... I lied. I told her I just didn't feel like wearing it. Shame on me. Shame. I finally (pardon me) "manned up" and told her the truth. She didn't get mad, she didn't cry, she didn't tell me how dumb I was. She just hugged me (because I was crying) and told me it was ok. I still feel an immense amount of guilt recounting this terrible story to y'all.
To this day, every time I pass by a jewelery counter I search for a little rose ring with a diamond in the middle. I know it won't be the same, but maybe for me a little something is better than nothing at all in this case.
I really don't hold any material things that close to me, and the few that I do I would never part with (on purpose...). So I know this wasn't exactly right on topic, but it's the closest thing I've got :)
What about y'all, any regrets about things thrown away? (or lost...?)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishful Wed... Fluent

It's that time of the week again! Oops - that was yesterday... - well, err... I love WW entirely too much to skip a week, so here it is a day late! By the way - Happy Cinco de Mayo (yesterday...)! Hehe...looks like a trend for this month...always being behind...geeeesh!

"I wish"... I was fluent in another
language in addition to English, and it
would be Spanish and German!

I know enough of both languages to get by, but it would just be amazing if I was fluent! I took Spanish all through high school, and living in the South (especially in Texas) it definitely gives you the upper hand in many situations. It would be great not only for daily interaction with others, but extremely beneficial in the business world.

I took German while in college, and got pretty darn good at it, hehe, but have since forgotten quite a bit of it :( Sad day. My whole family is German so I think it'd be nice to fluent in the language of my heritage. It sounds really rough and mean, but the way some of the syllables roll of your tongue is mighty amusing.

While I was studying in Europe both languages came in very handy! My cousin and I traveled through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany for 2 weeks (all predominantly German speaking countires- duh, haha), then roamed around Italia for 6 weeks. Although I don't know Italian, knowing Spanish was a HUGE plus! The languages are very similar and we were able to find our way around and communicate every where we went, which made for a much more enjoyable experience! I've found that if you're at least attempting to speak their language, people are much more receptive and helpful :)
But in my dream world, and yes, we all know by now that I live in one..., I want to be fluent in whatever language of the country that I end up in. It is a dream of mine to live abroad for a few years, and lucky for me, Spencer shares that dream with me. Hopefully within the next 5-6 years, we will be able to make that move (to where? We're not sure. Wherever there's oil seeing as how that's his career - which could mean anywhere from South America, to Scotland, to the Middle East, to Australia), and where we end up, I want to be able to speak the local tongue.

But until then, I suppose I'll just brush up on my Spanish and German... :) Come join the fun at The Seattle Smith's!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Overdue...Again... (Warning: Long post ahead!)

I am just no good at keeping up with anything right now! So I believe I left off at us leaving to go down to New Braunfels for my grandparents anniversary...

I had a great time! It was so nice to spend time with my family and be together for such a happy event. I also got to see a lot of extended family that I hadn't seen in a few years, so it was also somewhat of a family reunion. Poor Spence, haha, I think he may have been overwhelmed with just how big my family is...and that was just my dad's side! But everyone was excited to meet him and say congratulations and give us well wishes - it made it so much more real! Anyway - a quick breakdown of the weekend:

Thursday night: got there and literally crawled into bed, we were so exhausted from working all day then having to make the 5 hour drive.

Friday morning was an early start because we had our first venue viewing appointment at 11, but had to leave the house at 9:45 due to the drive. First place was super fabulous, but maybe a little small for the number of guests we're having. We headed back to town, grabbed some delicious lunch at Gruene River Grill, and then it was off to appointment #2. This place was the exact opposite of Venue #1. Venue #2 is HUGE and close to town. It is also conveniently located next door to a what do we do...? Well, when in Rome... Dry Comal Creek Winery had a lovely assortment of wines, and yes, we did try them all. Haha, we even had a "shot" called Shootin' Blancs. "What is that?" you ask? Take a chilled shot glass, fill it with DCC Sauvignon Blanc, add 3-4 jalapeno slices, and voila! - a Shootin' Blanc. You're supposed to sip the wine until there's barely any left in there and then "shoot" it - jalapenos and all. Delicious! Well...we were having so much fun trying new things, we decided to keep rolling with it and went into the little historic district in New Braunfels called Gruene and go to a wine and beer specialty store for some more tasting and sipping. Some of my friends met up with us and we spent the rest of the night catching up, drinking new and lovely beverages, and enjoying a delicious meal.

Saturday we slept in and spent the earlier part of the afternoon lounging around and hanging out with my family. I helped my grandmother, great aunt, and aunt make centerpieces for the anniversary party. Then around 2 my friend Taylor got into town and she, Spencer, and I went on a nice little afternoon float trip. It was marvelous and sooo relaxing! And it was great to catch up with T who had been in Spain for the past couple of months (making it very difficult for us to stay in touch for a while!). After the river, we went to my fave little Mexican food joint for dinner and margarita's. Yuuummm. The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and enjoying life :)

Sunday was another lazy morning followed by a trip to Austin to have lunch with Spencer's best friend at a super neat place (which I can't seem to remember the name of right now... eerrr...) on Lake Austin. Then we had to book it back to NB to make it in time to help set up for the party. After set up we just had to "kick back, relax, and enjoy the show" as they say!

Before we left on Monday, we stopped by a specialty running store that my dad had told us to go to for new shoes. It was pretty amazing what they did there. First they "scanned" our feet and were able to tell us where we held our center of gravity and our balance, they also showed us where exactly we put pressure on our feet (and where it should be, if it wasn't That part was cool because it looked like a map of a mountain range and wherever the "peaks" were represented the pressure we put on the part of the foot. Then he did a gait analysis on us and was able to tell us how we run and if something was off (like overpronating, etc.). He recommended a few different shoes and was able to tell us every feature of each one (impressive! This guy knew his stuff!) and we tried a few on. I knew as soon as I slipped my foot inside that little slice of heaven that it was meant to be. Suddenly all the pressure I'd been feeling in my lower back, on my knees, and the heels of my feet melted away and I felt like I was literally walking on a cloud... Ahh, pure *bliss*. Needless to say that I snatched those babies up and they've been working wonders for me ever since! :)

And I'm sure you noticed my lack of pictures... Yeah, epic fail in picture taking of the weekend. Sorry, I'll try to do better next time :(

Then it was back to good ol' Midland and normal day-to-day life...nothing of consequence happened during the week. Just super,crazy, ridiculous busy (hence hardly any blogging - sad face :( ) Except my BFF Jennie drove through Midland on her way back home to Alpine, which pretty much made my week!

Saturday we went to Crudefest! What is Crudefest, you ask? It's only the most glorious thing to ever happen in West Texas! It was a weekend long Texas Country Music Concert held in a field on the outskirts of town. There was a BBQ Contest, beer, good music, a ton of people, and great weather! We just brought a cooler and some chairs, kicked back with some friends, and enjoyed the music and festivities. I'm so glad they finally got something like this out here! This is a very common occurrence in Central Texas (especially in the Hill Country) and oh how I've missed it! Spencer has never really listened to any Texas country but after Saturday I'm proud to say he's a bona-fide fan! :) We got some pretty big names (for Texas country, that is) for the show: Roger Creager, Josh Abbott Band, Cory Morrow, and Brandon Rhyder to name a few. Of course some not-so-well-known bands were there as well and they all rocked.

Of course we slept in on Sunday, but after we woke up we planted some flowers! I was so excited to do this! I've been wanting to plant some for for-ev-errr now! We got some Periwinkle, Salvia, dew plant, Bougainvilla, and a blue one that I can't remember the name of. This combination is supposed to do well in hot weather, as well as attract butterflies and humingbirds. I certainly hope they do!

This week has been the same as the last - just a blur. I'm so ready for the weekend...just 24 more hours... My only plans are to get caught up! Our Rockhounds are back in town, so we'll be heading out to the ball park tonight to support 'em. My dad was announced Employee of the Year yesterday at his job, so to celebrate it's beer (tonight is Thirsty Thursday - half price beer night!) and baseball, two of his favorite things :)

Hope y'all have had a wonderful week so far! I also hope if any of y'all are having a week like me I hope that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I promise it's there!

Top Two Tuesday - First Time!

I always want to play along with Taylor's T2T, but usually forget! Not anymore! Hehe ;) If you wanna join the fun, hop on over to her blog!

Top Two Tuesday - Splurges

1. Travel

I LOVE traveling! I am always up for taking a trip, even if it's just a day trip. I don't think there has ever been a time in my life when someone has asked me to go on an adventure and I turned them down. I mean, you only live once right? Most of them are spur of the moment, like taking off to Colorado for a week with my bestie, or roadtrippin' it to New Orleans, or leaving on a jet plane for Belize. Some are well thought out plans, like an 8 week stint in Europe. And some are just wonderful surprises, like a trip to California. Regardless of how they come about, I love them and am pretty much willing to go broke for them. :) ....and seeing as how I am pretty much broke all the time to begin with, I don't know how I manage to scrounge and save for these trips but somehow I make ends meet - sometimes you've gotta chase down your dream, not just wait for it ;)

(Belize: Holding a lobster (still alive!!) and looking like a lobster (and making a crazy face
because the lobster was doing a dance and making noise), at Lobsterfest, haha)

2. Experiences
This goes hand in hand with traveling. If I'm there, I might as well do some really cool stuff! I mean, when's the next time I'll have the opportunity to go scuba diving in Cancun? Cave tubing in a jungle? Ride an ATV through the Continental Divide? This girl is in it to win it!!

(Me and my bestie with our ATV's in Colorado - rock on)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Six Senses...

Right now I'm...
Delicious cold water (...although right now I'm kind of wishing it would turn itself into a Vanilla Dr. Pepper with cream...yumm-o)
The dusty afternoon air
The flowers I'm about to plant and a messy living room that needs to be cleaned
The leaves rustling in the wind
The keyboard and a warm fuzzy blanket
Content and happy but also a little tired from last night
Thought that was cute, stole it from Jennie who stole it from Neely, hehe :) I have a lot to get done today but I promise to do a nice (and somewhat lengthy) post later tonight once I check a few "To-Do's" off my list! Hope y'all have a glorious Sunday :):):)

Elements by Franziska Altmann

Meet Cinderella...

My photo
I'm just a small town girl with big dreams and an open heart. I truly believe that all you need is Love and to look to the Lord whatever may come your way. Engaged to my forever love and planning a September wedding, just finished my first year of teaching, and working on becoming a "real" grown-up: This is the story of my journey, however topsy-turvey and chaotic it might be... :)

The Royal Court :)