Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wishful Wed... Fluent

It's that time of the week again! Oops - that was yesterday... - well, err... I love WW entirely too much to skip a week, so here it is a day late! By the way - Happy Cinco de Mayo (yesterday...)! Hehe...looks like a trend for this month...always being behind...geeeesh!

"I wish"... I was fluent in another
language in addition to English, and it
would be Spanish and German!

I know enough of both languages to get by, but it would just be amazing if I was fluent! I took Spanish all through high school, and living in the South (especially in Texas) it definitely gives you the upper hand in many situations. It would be great not only for daily interaction with others, but extremely beneficial in the business world.

I took German while in college, and got pretty darn good at it, hehe, but have since forgotten quite a bit of it :( Sad day. My whole family is German so I think it'd be nice to fluent in the language of my heritage. It sounds really rough and mean, but the way some of the syllables roll of your tongue is mighty amusing.

While I was studying in Europe both languages came in very handy! My cousin and I traveled through Switzerland, Austria, and Germany for 2 weeks (all predominantly German speaking countires- duh, haha), then roamed around Italia for 6 weeks. Although I don't know Italian, knowing Spanish was a HUGE plus! The languages are very similar and we were able to find our way around and communicate every where we went, which made for a much more enjoyable experience! I've found that if you're at least attempting to speak their language, people are much more receptive and helpful :)
But in my dream world, and yes, we all know by now that I live in one..., I want to be fluent in whatever language of the country that I end up in. It is a dream of mine to live abroad for a few years, and lucky for me, Spencer shares that dream with me. Hopefully within the next 5-6 years, we will be able to make that move (to where? We're not sure. Wherever there's oil seeing as how that's his career - which could mean anywhere from South America, to Scotland, to the Middle East, to Australia), and where we end up, I want to be able to speak the local tongue.

But until then, I suppose I'll just brush up on my Spanish and German... :) Come join the fun at The Seattle Smith's!

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  1. I am impressed you can get by with both! That's amazing!!


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