Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishful Wed... Bedroom

Well it's Wednesday and you know what that means.... Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday! I really enjoyed this week's topic...even though it had me scouring the internet for what seemed like hours (ok...maybe it was hours....) and now all I've been able to do is dream about my future home...

"I wish"... I could come home to
_______ each and every night!!

Shabby chic mixed with a little...

Rustic - exposed beams, worn wood, and a fireplace - mixed with...

Antique details and a chandelier!
I couldn't find a picture that has all those things - so throw in a little bit from each of these photos and you'd have my dream bedroom!

But don't forget about the details! Like:

this adorable night stand...

and these candleholders...

and this living room (L.O.V.E. the floor to ceiling windows!)...

with this view!

One day day... :)
Can't wait to see y'alls dream rooms!


  1. Found your blog through Wishful Wednesday-that chandelier is absolutely wonderful! Cute blog :)

  2. Your picks are so different!!! I love the ceiling on that last one for a cabin in Montana!!

  3. Love all your picks and all the pictures!! Your blog is too cute!


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