Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Spoke too Soon...

After having my first migraine on Monday, I also got a stomach virus. So for the past two days all I've done is laid in bed and been hopped up on meds. Awesome. But today it's gone! Hooray for rest, grape juice, and pharmacists that know what they're doing. To celebrate the return of my health I treated myself to a massage and I do believe it was the best I've ever had. My body was definitely holding a ton of tension from being sick and it was so nice to have it all released. I have a wonderful masseuse, she knows just how much pressure to apply and where my trouble spots are, I am very thankful for her. The rest of the day is probably going to be spent in "relaxed mode". Although what I really need to do is go work out, I figure that would make getting the massage earlier pretty pointless, so I will revel in my lackadaisical state and do as little as possible. I'll start being productive again on Monday. The rest of today will consist of movie watching and laundry. I got The Time Traveler's Wife and Couple's Retreat.

I've never seen The Time Traveler's Wife but it looks like a good movie and I do adore Rachel McAdams. I have seen Couple's Retreat (hilarious, by the way) but Spencer hasn't, so I'm saving that one for tonight seeing how it is Dinner & a Movie Night. Last week was Papa Murphy's Pizza... I have a feeling tonight it may be the same, unless he decides to cook (I'm enjoying my laziness, remember? ;) ) I guess that's about all for today, I hope everyone is staying warm and well! Gulp down that Vitamin C!!

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