Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gooo Tech!

Whoa, what a week! I have just been a busy bee! The week just flew's what happened: Monday was just a day of recovery from a busy weekend before; although we went and saw "Wolfman" - but it was a disappointment. Tuesday was blah, Wednesday was Dinner and a Movie Night and I made banana pancakes, we made a pallet on the floor out of comforters and pillows, and watched "The Little Mermaid" in our pj's - so much fun! Thursday I started my new job and I love it! Yesterday we saw "Shutter Island" and I really liked it. It's dark, twisted, ominous, and breaks your heart in some parts, Leo plays his role beautifully. If you like thrillers and movies you need to pay attention to, then go see it!

Today we head up to Lubbock (my old stompin' grounds!) for the Texas Tech versus UT basketball game. It should be a lot of fun...mostly because Spencer and I have a bet going (he's a UT alum)... If Tech wins, he has to sport some kind of Tech paraphernalia for one week, and vice versa for me if UT wins. Let the games begin! I'm also excited because I get to see some of my other Lubbock friends that I haven't seen in ages. Yay! Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures this time! Well I'm tight on time, gotta run! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! :)


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