Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KS Connection Time :)

Wednesday is a double whammy with Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday and Kristin's Connection Party, but I love them both! :) So here we go with Windy Poplar's CP...

Windy Poplars

  1. What is your cultural heritage, and is it a part of your life (eg. do you celebrate your cultural holidays, or have special traditions or food that comes from your heritage)?
    German. We do love our potato salad and deer sausage - yumm! Other than that, we don't celebrate any cultural holidays... Although you can thank Germans for Christmas trees, we did come up with the idea. We also hide a pickle ornament in the tree and whoever finds it first gets a special treat - crazy Germans ;)
  2. Give a short description of your vision for your blog.
    It started as an outlet just for me and kind of as an accountability tool for myself to keep up with my goals for the new year...but now it's changed more into an outlet and a place to get to know others with similar interest. I love that I can get great advise, fun ideas, and feel like part of a "community". That's really not much of a vision as it is what it is sort of statement, haha. But I hope for it to continue in this direction :)
  3. What is one thing you are really enjoying about spring?
    The sunshine and the warm weather and pleasant evenings it brings!! I'm also excited to plant some flowers this weekend! Any suggestions?? It's my first time!
  4. Do you have an idea to share about something we could do today to bless our husbands/boyfriends to let them know they're special?
    Take them on a date - maybe his favorite restaurant or grab whatever his favorite guilty pleasure is (MickeyD's?) and a "man movie" and enjoy it together. If you really dislike something he really likes, and you do/eat/watch it anyway, he'll feel the love.
  5. Are you involved in any social club (garden club, dinner club, book club, etc.) - or would you like to be?
    I am not involved in anything right now, but would just love to be! Especially a book or dinner club. I love reading and cooking. Unfortunately I live in an area where you kind of have to make your own fun...but that's not to say something won't crop up! I know a lot of it is actually getting out there and looking, but I've been so busy lately it's hard to find any time. Hopefully this summer will bring a less hectic schedule and more time to do things I enjoy :)

Well, Happy Wednesday all!! Hope everyone is having a bright, sunshiney day!! :):):):)


  1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for joining in the party today at Windy Poplars! I enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you.~ I hope you're able to find or found a book or dinner club! I haven't given up yet - just figured that when I tried before that it wasn't the time or place. Ya never know when the interest will rise though! Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks again for joining the Kindred Connection!

  2. Hi there! I just LOVE your blog! So colorful and inspirational. I like your answers, this was a cute post!

    Planting flowers- I did this last weekend with my mom! If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, it's so much fun! We planted lantana, purple summer snapdragons, and petunias! I wrote about it in a previous post from last week! Check it out! Keep us updated on what you decide! :)



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