Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wishful Wednesday ... Lottery

I wish ... I could win the lottery
REAL soon, and I would hope to
budget it so it would last.

First things first, I would settle my debts (school loans, car payment, and my credit card); then, I would budget the rest. I would put half into a savings account, invest a fourth of it, and budget the remaining fourth into monthly allocations. I want it to last, not use it up on frivolous things. I would most definitely continue to work. Winning a large sum of money doesn't mean that I get a free pass to be lazy. Assuming a get a teaching job soon, why would I want to quit doing something I enjoy? It makes me happy and gives me a sense of fulfilment. Going around spending money isn't going to do that.

I also want to be able to help people if they were to ever need it and contribute something to society...maybe fund a scholarship or mission, build a park or library, who knows! The possibilities are endless. I would love the opportunity to bless other people the way I had been.

I would also be sure to do something really nice for all the people who have helped me out. Mainly my parents and grandparents, but I also have some really amazing friends who have helped this girl out of a jam or two. It would be super if I could show them the same courtesy and love they showed me.

And I would be a liar if I didn't also say that I would most definitely take a little vacation. No where fancy. I just want a beach, the ocean, a hammock, and my love. But if I budget the right way, then who's to say that little vacays wouldn't become a more permanent thing? Haha.

A girl can dream...

On another note, Happy St. Patty's all!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! :) Yes, definitely dream! I hope we both win the lottery soon! I love your investment plans :) good idea.

  2. Budgeting would be SOOOOO huge when you win -- hehe!! I hope you do :)


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