Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brides and BBQ's

What a fun weekend! Marina's bachelorette party was entirely too much fun! It was so great to see the girls. I hadn't seen some of them in over a year! It was definitely one for the books.

MOH, Bride-to-be, and me

Sunday I came back home and we had a bar-b-que at the pool. It was ah-maz-ing. We made shish-kebabs, fresh fruit salad, pasta salad, and grilled some pineapple slices for dessert. So delicious!! And the weather was just phenomenal - 80 degrees and no wind! Perfect pool weather, it was such a treat to lay out and work on my tan (which is much needed!) and just enjoy the company of great friends - complete with chicken fights! Funnn!

Unfortunately Monday was another story... I woke up with pink eye, had completely lost my voice, was covered in random bruises, and just feeling all achy and yucky. Oh, and it rained.all.day. Not fun at all. I spent the first half of the day sleeping and the second half running around between different doctor's offices and pharmacies. But then Spencer came over and made it his number one priority to make me feel better. He rubbed my back, watched Kung Fu Panda with me, and got us Chinese take-out...and brought me these lovelies to brighten my day:

Aren't they beautiful! I love bright colors :)

He is wonderful, I can't imagine my life without him. How was I lucky enough to nab such a great catch? I have no idea...I just know I'm blessed beyond measure because of him.

Today is about the same as yesterday except that I feel slightly better and my eye isn't as bad. My voice is still gone and it's still blah outside. But tomorrow hopefully it will all be better (and it's supposed to be in the high 70's!). Hope everyone has a super Tuesday and tomorrow is Wishful Wednesday - yay!

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