Friday, March 19, 2010

My brain is on vacation...

It's Friday...and while I am physically present at brain is on vacation. So please, leave a message at the tone... I'll get back to you on Monday. :) But seriously y'all, how am I supposed to be concentrating on work projects when it's a gorgeous, 80 degree, sun shiney day outside? As I stare longingly out the window at the fluffy white clouds that dot the sky, my mind is whisked away to a far away land...a land of mountains and quiet and peacefulness...

And yes, I'm actually heading for that land today. There's a little town in Texas called Alpine and it's home for me. This little town of about 6,000 is nestled in the mountains of West Texas and it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I've ever been. Spencer was just itching to get outta town to somewhere quiet and relaxing, and with it only being about a 3 hour drive, we thought, "Why not?". He has a cabin in Ft. Davis (Alpine's neighbor town) that we'll be staying at and just do a whole lot of nuthin'. It's gonna be awesome. Of course we'll go hiking and probably into town to wander around but there will be no set schedule of anything. Just doing what we want, when we want. And most importantly catching up on some overdue R&R. We've both been going 180 mph for the past month and are ready for some peace and quiet.

Back to reality for now though... I just have to make it through a half day at the office and then it's poolside with the girls til Spence is off work and we head out.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring - Yaaaay! I am so ready for summer dresses, flip flops, tan lines, and flowers and green everywhere! :) But because I enjoy all seasons, here is a little farewell to Winter and the things I will miss about it...:
  • Wearing my (knock-off) Uggs - they're so comfy but also so inappropriate for spring weather
  • Using my fireplace
  • Wearing gloves - I really like gloves, I don't know why... I just do, weird I know :)
  • Using the weather as an excuse to be lazy
  • *** Snow ***
  • And the consequential snowball fight

What will you miss about winter? And what are you most looking forward to in Spring?

Happy Friday bloggers!!


  1. Your weekends sounds fun! Have a great time!

    I will also miss being lazy in the winter, I live in MN so when it is too cold I have the perfect excuse to cuddle up on the couch and watch movies.

    PS VERY jelous of your 80 degree weather. We are hoping for a high of 40 today!

  2. What I will miss about Winter...

    The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that airs every December.. Wearing my bark brown colored wrap sweater .

    What I am looking forward to about Spring..
    That much closer to SUMMER! Light, airy cotton skirts with open-toed shoes. Flowers! Romantic nights dancing underneath the stars! :) I love warm weather.


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