Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first Wishful Wednesday!

Wishful Wednesday

'I wish' .... I could spend three
minutes in Taylor Swift's shoes!

I absolutely love her! I adore her long, blonde curls, her height (5'11"! Oh the envy...), and it's not just her beauty, she is so down to earth and mature for such a young star. Also, who doesn't love a girl who loves to rock dresses with cowboy boots! She's fun, quirky, sweet, and she writes the most beautiful songs (or at least I think so... :) ). And even aside from her talent and physical qualities, she is a good person on the inside, which is not always the case once someone enters stardom. I also love her style. It's feminine, sharp, yet still has the feeling of comfort. She isn't trying to pretend to be someone she's not; she's comfortable in her own shoes. She's also one of the more gracious artists out there. What's not to love about her?? Haha.

I recently read an article about her in InStyle magazine and love and respect her so much more. She is very focused and is a planner (like me, I have to be a step ahead all of the time) and she recently just bought her own place as a celebration of "adulthood" and is decorating it all herself. She says she's secretly obsessed with interior decorating (another commonality with myself, hehe) and is going to decorate it in a very whimsical, fairytale sort of way. I love the idea! She says her life is so real, so why shouldn't she be able to come home to something that's not. I'm definitely stealing that idea! Long story short: She is amazing :)

Close runners up were Amanda Bynes and Zooey Deschanel. Both fun, quirky, women who love to be themselves and make me smile :)


  1. I love your blog way better when it has pictures, and COLOR! I also love Taylor Swift! PS. Let people know about your fabulous blog on facebook as well! :)

  2. Taylor Swift would be awesome! Though, I have to say - her life isn't "so real" lol - if real life is like her's I'm doing something wrong :) But that's still the best idea for a house ever!

  3. I want to play with her glitter guitar for THREE MIN for sure!!!


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