Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Man oh man is it a cold one. I was watching the news after the game last night and it said that 25 states are in winter advisories, that's half the U.S.!! Crazy! I love winter, not ice though, and that's all this weather is bringing. No snow, just ice. Boo on that! So I am ready for spring, enough of this so-called winter, 'cause trust me, it ain't no wonderland. So I am huddled in a corner of Barnes & Noble trying to catch up on everything I need the internet for. My internet at my house is about as useful as a car with no engine and no tires. Fun to look at and see if you can get it to work, but not very useful, hah. So I came here to borrow theirs and use some of my giftcards I got for my birthday/Christmas... I love this place, it's my go to place when I need to get out of the house and have a mini vacation. Is it weird if I feel more at home here than I do in my own house?

Ahh...dreaming of warmer days...
I don't know if any of y'all caught the Texas v. Alabama game last night, but I sure watched it and boy was I disappointed. Now I bleed red and black (yours truly happens to be Texas Tech Alum), and it's not that I hate the Longhorns, or even dislike fact, I respect them as a team, good players, a strong offense and defense, what's not to like really? Well, I was rooting for 'Bama because I thought it was time for someone other than UT to get a little piece of glory, and truth be told, they did have some slight advantages over the 'Horns. I was feeling all good about my decision until McCoy had to go and get hurt in the first quarter. What a disappointment that was! That took away all the excitement of what would have been a super close game. Sad day. I'm happy that 'Bama won...but I wish McCoy wouldn't have gotten hurt so we could have been them at the top of their game, not when they were hurtin'. Anyway, enough of that. Goodbye college football, see ya again in September!

On the bright side of things, I've been able to keep up with my exercise routine despite the cold weather that makes me want to stay indoors. I'm pretty sore this week, but that's what I get for being a bum the past 3 months. What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger...right? Haha. I've been spending a lot of time with two of my good friends, Lindsey and Ashley, and it has been wonderful to be able to have lunch dates, "grown-up" slumber parties, or just spend an afternoon running errands together and acting silly again. I've been without that since I moved away from Lubbock in May and have been missing it something awful. We're starting up Thursday Girl's Night this next week and I'm stoked! What more can you ask for than great friends, good food, and Grey's Anatomy? :):) I think the only thing that would make it better is if my best friend Jennie were here to spend it with us. It was with her that we started the tradition of Thursday Girl's Nights in Lubbock and I've transplanted the idea to here, but it won't be the same without her.

Well... I better wrap this up, this wooden chair is making my bottom hurt from sittin' here so long! Hopefully I'll have something more excited to share next time! :)

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