Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Year of Dangerous Living

Oh how I love Sundays! You've heard my rant before, so I'll spare you this time... ;) So I know I talked a big game earlier this week about all I was going to do...and of course some of it fell through. That's what I get for counting my chickens before they hatch! I got so caught up in the book I was reading (and finished) that I lost track of time on Wednesday and didn't make it to The Pursuit, it was so cold Friday morning that I didn't think I'd be able to hack it outside and missed my friends' events at the rodeo, and I was a little short on cash this week that I wasn't able to make it to Lubbock for Loop the Lake yesterday, so I stayed here and worked instead. Jennie did run the race though, so kudos for her and makin' it happen! So from now on I'll just focus on the present and worry about tomorrow when it gets here. :)

So this morning at church, one of our pastors said some things that really spoke to me. The title of his sermon was "A Year of Dangerous Living", and I've adopted it and made it my 2010 mantra...or slogan or anthem, or whatever you wanna call it. In a nutshell, he posed the question, "What does it mean 'To live IS Christ, to love IS Christ', what is the IS?" He said, and I agree, that it is the same as using an equal sign: To live = Christ, to love = Christ; that by living as He would, we are living in Him. That we live our lives as defined by Christ and giving Him full reign over it, not using the "parts" of Him that we want and then compartmentalizing Him like we do with all other things in our life. Living dangerously means to be dangerously devoted to Christ. Four ways to do that are: 1. dangerous evangelism; 2. dangerous relational vulnerability; 3. dangerous release of the past; and 4. dangerous trust in God.
  • Dangerous evangelism... How many times have we had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone and turned away from it? I have too many times to count, and why? By acting as He would or simply sharing the gospel a little, we could easily change someones life in one small, simple act. I don't know about y'all, but I think my biggest reasons for not doing it is the fear of being rejected or judged. What silly things to fear! I know God will never reject me and He is the only one who can judge me, so who then shall I fear? It blows my mind how easily I get caught up in myself and lose sight of God in my life. So from now on, I'm going to be brave and have faith and reach out when I think someone needs it. And if I get rejected or judged, hopefully I at least planted the seed, and that would be a success.
  • Dangerous relational vulnerability... Kind of funny word, huh? This is exactly what it sounds like...being vulnerable in your relationships; and not just in your intimate relationships, but all your relationships. Allowing myself to be vulnerable is very hard for me. It means I leave myself open to all kinds of hurt and pain, yet continue to act in the opposite manner. It's being the first to apologize, showing mercy. picking up your cross and carrying it. Three characteristics that define relational vulnerability are unity, humility, and kindness. Unity meaning that you stick by the important people in your life. You don't bad mouth them or hold anger and resentment against them, which can cause dissension and more resentment that will eventually lead to bitterness, failure, a collapsing of the relationship. That doesn't mean to let them walk all over you, speak your mind, voice your opinion; but if things don't go your way, don't harbor ill feelings towards them. Pray and have faith that the Lord will work it out in His own time and in His own way. I think humility and kindness speak for themselves, just mirror Jesus. :)
  • Dangerous release of the past... This one is easier said than done! Forget about your past. Jesus atoned for our sins so that we may live in Him. So why do we keep picking up those chains and dragging them along with us? I have some that I thought I threw off a long time ago, but when I hit a rough spot in my life and am only looking down, I can feel the weight of those chains again dragging me down. He wants us to cast them off and move forward in our lives, living free of those burdens so that we can feel true joy in what He has done for us and so that we can bring glory to Him.
  • Dangerous trust in God... Going back to compartmentalizing our lives, which parts do we trust to God and which do we keep to ourselves? We should trust Him in every part of our lives, and yet I don't. I have the hardest time trusting Him with my finances. I know I will continue to struggle with this and will have to remind myself every day that God has a plan and is taking care of me.

Haha, well there was my schpeel for the day. I think this will have a profound impact on my life, and what more do I like than living dangerously? Well I better run, lunch is ready then I have to put myself together and go to a Bridal Show to support my friend Ashley who is doing hair and make-up for the event. Should be fun! Hope every one has an absolutely wonderful and blessed Sunday! :)

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