Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Happy Wednesday Y'all!! One of my favorite days of the week because I just *love* playing along with sweet Jamie and her WILW!

What am I loving on this sweltering day....?

**********Blogger isn't letting me upload any pics right now, boo!! So this will be a pictureless WILW :( Sad face *********

I'm loving... that I leave tomorrow for my bridal shower!!!! Only 52 more days until I'm a Mrs.! I can't wait to hang out with my bridesmaids and see my family.

I'm loving... my trip next week to Washington D.C. I've never been and am super excited to go learn a lot of history :)

I'm loving... Princess Kate. Seriously. She is just so dang beautiful, graceful and elegant. Her fashion choices are always spot on and I pretty much lurve them all.

I'm loving... cooking shows. Ok just two. Giada at Home and Paula's Best Dishes. I heart Giada and Paula Deen. They make me and my tummy happy :) but not so much my figure.... hehe.

I'm loving... that we've decided to go completely organic. It's been weighing on my mind a lot lately and after watching Food, Inc. it was decided. What happens in mass feed lots, slaughterhouses, and poultry "growers" made me both physically ill and depressed. It broke my heart to see what really happens and how industries like that are supported. Not only in the meat industry but also what farmers have to go through when facing big corporations.

I'm loving... ice cream!! So delicious and nice and hot and just what the doctor orders on these hot days :) If you have a Baskin Robbins in your area, Tuesday night is $1.50 scoop night - so go forth and be satisfied my friends!

I'm loving... my wonderful fiance. The love of my life :)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I LOVE Kate's style too...she always looks beautiful!

  2. yay for your shower! i hope it is amazing!
    we kind of went organic last summer but nixed it because it was so expensive. i wish we could afford to go completely over, too, but it added a lot extra onto the grocery budget every month :( it might be totally different where you are-we don't have any health food stores and our grocery options are limited to 2 stores so that's why! but i hope it works out for you guys! i agree it's so sad what happens in all those places!


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