Monday, July 11, 2011

Not a happy camper...

First off, please excuse me from my week long absence, I was on the bestest vacay with my wonderful fiance. But more on that later, right now I have a more pressing issue.... Story:

We were away on our little one week excursion when I receive a text from my wonderful and sweet puppy-sitter that our AC has gone out.

We thought maybe it was a glitch or something that could be easily fixed - NBD - so we told her not to worry about it and we would take care of it when we returned on Sunday...

We walk through the door at 7:30pm last night and are met with a wall of thick and hot air straight from the depths of Hades. I kid you not. It's been 100+ here just about every day and with 3 days (going on 4 today...) of no AC, it gets pretty smoldering.

My handsome handy-man/fiance attempts to fix said problem. All attempts fail. So we call our "landlord" - I use that term loosely because a month ago our real landlord sold the house we are renting out from under us and now our house is property of a private school. Why? Because said school has bought not only our house, but both houses on either side of us and have already pretty much torn the other two down to create a parking space. Not a parking space for the school...a parking place for the construction workers who will be building a real parking lot for the school on the other side of the school. Needless to say that has been another headache in itself. I digress...

So we call "landlord" who says he has left messages at all after hours AC repair places and now we have to wait for a call. Seriously?!? Do you know how hot it is in this house?? Do you know what I'm like when I get too hot??

Anyway, it is now 3pm and temps have reached their peak for the day (a cool 99 degrees I might add) and I still have no AC. I did, however, just receive a call from the people who are supposed to be coming to repair the AC. Wanna know what he told me...?

That I'm on the "priority list" (and have been for some time now) and they should get to me soon. I asked for a time frame...couldn't get one...hopefully today. Please, Lord?

Shoot me now.

Stay cool my friends, and be thankful for AC! It's heck without it!

How did pioneers live like this??

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