Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday TidBits

I missed Miscellany Monday (boo!), and with as much as I enjoy randomness I thought I'd share some today :) You are welcome! ;)

{1} I bought the perfect lipstick on Sunday. I needed some red lipstick for our engagement pictures that night and am terrible at picking out the right shade. Seriously, I always manage to get shades that either make me look like I should be standing on a street corner or that make me look like an oompa loompa. Always too red or too orange. So I enlisted the help of professionals. I went to Ulta and got some advice from the very nice and totally knowledgeable make up artist. He picked out a few shades and we tried them out, and one looked pretty good. But then he said he wanted to try something. This made me nervous. However my fear was unnecessary; he got a nude lip primer and plumper and put it on first, then applied the shade of red that we liked best (it's called Redwood from Studio Gear) and boy did it make a difference! The nude base really brought out the true color of the lipstick and it vibed with my skin tone. Yay! I felt like such an adult buying my first "real" lipstick and primer. I've even sported the lipstick to work the past 2 days, I feel so sophisticated, haha.

{2} Speaking of engagement pictures, our photog called today and said she should hopefully have some up tonight! I certainly hope so! Keeping my fingers crossed...

{3} And speaking of work, today was my last day at my Admin Assistant job. It was bittersweet. I really like my boss and enjoyed learning so much about an industry I wasn't familiar with, but part-time was not working out and it wasn't something I was super passionate about. This is a positive change with so many more opportunities, but I will always appreciate my first taste of the working world.

{4} You know how Spencer was gone all last week? Well, now I'll be gone for a week. Bummer. I leave tomorrow for good ol' Houston. I'm excited because I get to see my good friend Taylor and look at some bridesmaids dresses and check out my hopeful venue. It has everything I envision for our wedding, let's hope it's as good in person as it is in pictures. I also get to see my future in-laws and they get to meet my mother. But on the not-bright side, I will not see the love of my life for 7 days and it makes me sad :(

Well, that's all for today - hope everyone has a wonderful week!!



  1. i am impressed that you can wear red lipstick. SO not a look I can pull off!!
    I heart ulta big time! they are so awesome! : )
    maybe someday we will both be in houston at the same time and we will have to meet up in REAL life!!

  2. oh and you MUST share your engagement pictures with us. i can't wait to see them : ) have a great night lady!

  3. Oh, it's hard to find a good shade of red. Good job! I can't wait to see those pictures!

  4. I never wear lipstick either because I always think it looks bad on me!

    Can't wait to see the engagement pictures!

  5. Ulta always has great lipstick and glosses :) Can't wait to see the engagement pictures!


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