Monday, June 7, 2010

T2T and ramblings of a crazy woman

I may have missed a few weeks of Taylor's Top 2 Tuesday but not this week! And if you know me at all, you know why...

Top 2 Favorite Books

I am a certified bookworm -always have been and always will be. I love reading with a passion, something about books that give me that warm fuzzy feeling all over - it sounds like love, right? Haha, well maybe 'cause it is ;)

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I've read it a thousand times and will read it a thousand more.

  2. The Shack by William Paul Young. The story is deeply moving and actually helped me understand the nature of God better than any religious book I've read. It sounds crazy, but that's just me and my opinion.

It really is hard to pick just two, I've read so many! Other favorites are: Little Women, The Twilight Series, The Mark of the Lion Series, Redeeming Love, The Historian, Eat, Pray, Love...okay! Moving on before I get carried away...

In honor of it having been so crazy busy the past few weeks months...hah, here is a little randomness followed by some weekend highlights. :)

  • Sometimes, okay...a lot of the time, I wish I was a fictional character. This usually happens when I'm in the middle of a great book. For example, right now I'm reading Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and it is absolutely wonderful! I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy it but I can't seem to put it due to my absorption of the book, I often find myself daydreaming that I am the female version of Mr. Holmes, solving crimes in London town with my obscure intelligence and attention to detail... Other times I'm Elizabeth Bennet or Jo March...alrighty, moving on...

  • I saw Sex and the City 2 yesterday - L.O.V.E.D. it! Like I wouldn't? Haha. But, now having seen it, I would definitely change my answer to last weeks Wishful Wed. Since the WW question was based on the movie and not on the series, I would definitely go with Miranda as my new answer. I'm just like her on trips, reading any book I can find about the destination, wanting to go explore, planning days full of culture, history, and fun! And I just adored her clothes!

  • I've been feeling very restless lately, and it's no bueno...because a restless Nicole = an agitated Nicole. Must.find.outlet.for.frustration! Well I did :) I hit the gym for 2 hours yesterday and my mood has definitely taken a turn for the better - yaaay!

  • I don't have to work today or tomorrow! This is great for many reasons: I get to unwind a little, I get to catch up on fun stuff like reading, movies, working out...

  • But also since I have these wonderful two days off I get to catch up on other stuff, too, like: laundry, dishes, giving the apartment a good cleaning...bleh. It'll be good to get it done though because...

  • I have all of next week off! So if I get the nitty-gritty done this week, I can really relax and enjoy next week :)

  • Also, my future father-in-law and my fiance's best friend will be here on Monday, so it'd be nice to have a clean place so I could focus on being a hospitable host.

  • I get to do a little decoration shopping today! Yippee!! Our walls are bare. In every room. But not for loonnngg....

So what's been going on that kept me away all weekend, you ask?? Well....

My youngest brother graduated from high school on Saturday! Yay Kendall!

My grandparents, aunts, and an uncle came to town for the occasion - so lots of time was family time.

Spence got Xbox Live... and I love it! I never thought I'd say something like that but it's true. Before you through me off the woman wagon and run me over for such blasphemy, let me explain... He gets Netflix on his Xbox Live, and that is why I love it. I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and can easily spend a day (or three) watching them. Now normally I go to the store to either buy or rent a movie, but now all I have to do is browse through the selection instantly available via Xbox Live OR I can grab my computer, go to and browse (or search if I have something in mind) through their entire collection of movies, documentaries, or tv shows and it will send my selection instantly to the Xbox and I can watch it right away - as opposed to waiting a couple of days. Genius!

And that about wraps up the excitement of my weekend, haha. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday - it's time for this girl to get some cleaning done!!


  1. My mom gave me the shack but I havent started it yet! I guess I should!

  2. I've seen people list the shack a few times in this link party, and I'm getting interested! I think I'll pick it up.

    Stopping by from Top Two Tuesday :)

  3. i LOVED the shack! I want to read it again because I think it's one of those books that will take on new meaning every time i read it. soo soo good!


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