Wednesday, June 23, 2010

KC - Movies

This week at Windy Poplar's Kristin wants to know about movies. I am a movie junkie! I would much rather watch a movie as opposed to a TV show (unless it's Grey's...let's not get crazy here, hehe). Head on over and link up!!

Windy Poplars

1. What was your favorite movie as a child? The Little Mermaid, and it still is! Hah, I know every line and every song. When I was little I would spend the summer at the pool and pretend I was a mermaid princess and hang out in the deep end and dive down to the bottom and swim around like a mermaid and play with my imaginary friends. Let's just say I got really good at holding my breath for long periods of time and no one ever wanted to play with me... And when my mom took my to NYC for my 21st birthday we saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway - it was magical....ahhhh...:)

2. If you could live in any movie as your fictional world, which one would it be? Avatar living on Pandora. I know that sounds super geeky but I LOVED that movie and would be absolutely stoked if I could be a Na'vi (yes the tall blue creatures) and live in their world.

3. Have you ever seen a midnight showing, or hosted a movie release party? Tell us about it! I saw the midnight showing of the fourth Harry Potter movie - yes, I am that nerdy. I felt out of place because I wasn't dressed up like all the other kids :( but it was fun nonetheless!

4. What movie release are you most looking forward to this year? Eclipse (just one more week! And I'm planning on going to the midnight showing), Eat Pray Love, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (yes, this time I will be dressing up...).

5. Are you a theatre goer, renter, or wait-and-buyer? I'm mostly a theatre goer, me and Spence like to get out of the house - but now that we have netflix I watch a lot of older movies at home.

Hope y'all don't think I'm too big of a geek - but honestly, I wear the title proudly ;)
What are your favorites? What are you most looking forward to?


  1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for joining the KC again this week. I always love to have you :-). I'm counting the moments to HP Deathly Hallows too- although I'm sure I'll be bawling through a good bit of it. I'm already trying to prepare for the let down when we see that "to be continued..." flash on the screen. We've never been to a midnight HP showing, but I hear they're nuts! - I enjoyed the Little Mermaid when I was young too. One of my friends and I would practice at the pool all the time, getting our perfect mermaid flip and dive down! So, does that make me a geek too?? Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday so far!

  2. Your blog is so cute!! I just came across it, and love it! Completely agree about living on Pandora :) That movie was amazing! And Little Mermaid is my favorite Diney movie also!! Excited to read more!

  3. Oh, I'm so excited for Eat, Love, and Pray too!!! I love Julia Roberts!

  4. The Little Mermaid scared me .... silly Ursula!!


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