Monday, November 22, 2010

12 Days of Christmas {Day 1}

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! It was so great to spend some quality time with my best friend - just hang out, relax, and eat lots of food! Hah. It also made me realize I need to carve out more time to go visit, I've missed girl time so much!

Hopefully I'll get some time over the break to upload some pictures and give a better recap, but for now I'll be joining in on the fun going on at Aly's Analyze This. Yes, dear friends, I know it's not yet Thanksgiving butI'm so overcome with Christmas spirit (and so are quite a few of you, haha!) that I've decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas blogging challenge!

Here we go....! :)

{Day 1} Christmas/Holiday Traditions

This year will be a year of new traditions! But before I get to those, some that I'll be keeping from my childhood are:
  • Having Christmas with my mom's side of the family the day after Christmas and eating Mexican food - yumm!

  • Having a "traditional meal" (and by that I mean turkey, ham, and the fixin's) with my dad's side on Christmas day

  • Watching the Santa Clause trilogy...probably numerous times

Now, this is our (mine & Spencer's) first Christmas together, so we're having to make compromises and try to arrange the best schedule for everyone - no easy feat. But so far I think we've come up with a good plan that will last through the years :)

  • Jam out to wonderful Christmas songs and decorate our humble abode. (<-- We're doing this TONIGHT!!)

  • {via}
    and I wish our house would look like this!
    A girl can dream...

  • Taking Christmas photos and sending out Christmas cards.

  • Have our own "family" (me, S, and our 2 pups) Christmas in our home before we head out of town to our parents homes. I also would like to start reading The Christmas Story together and create a new tradition :)

  • Spend the 23rd with S's family and go look at Christmas lights and then go to dinner.

  • Spend Christmas Eve with my family and do our small family celebration (this year we'll be going to see The Nutcracker at the Houston Ballet, soo excited!)

  • And then pick back up from my childhood Christmas traditions :)

So it's nothing too terribly excited but it's me :) I'm sure as the years go by we'll add some here and there but for now that's about it. I can't wait to read about y'alls and get some new ideas!

Hope everyone has a superb week!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fill-In-The-Blank Friday and I'm off!

Oh it's Friday! YAY! :) I'm feeling like some fun so I'm linking up with Lauren over at The Little Things We Do... If you wanna join the fun, head on over and link up! I'm also taking a half-day at work today and heading to see my BFF after lunch - SOOOooo excited! It's time for a break! And speaking of breaks, Thanksgiving break is next week! So in the spirit of the holiday here is a Thanksgiving themed Fill-In-The-Blank....woohoo :)

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include cooking my first turkey! Whoa! Let's hope it turns out well because I'll be having dinner with my fiance, future-in-laws, future brother-in-laws (two of them), and their grandparents. Anyone else feel the pressure? Haha, also, any and all turkey tips will be appreciated very much :)

2. My favorite Thanksgiving was hhmmmm... I really like every Thanksgiving, not sure if I have a favorite. I'm just thankful to spend time with my family :) .

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is cream cheese and pumpkin layered pie. Soo delicious! It's my momma's recipe and I think it's the only kind of pumpkin pie I've ever eaten. I also make some killer sweet rice, candied yams, and green bean casserole. But I'm looking to branch out and try some new a turkey, hah! :/

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is candied yams and sweet rice. And dinner rolls. And pumpkin pie. So basically carbs. Hah.

5. Thanksgiving free association! Turkey, cranberry sauce (the canned kind with the lines), pumpkin pie, yams, potatoes, family, football, blessings, Addam's Family movie (weird, I know...), shopping (Black Friday anyone?), and putting Christmas decorations up :) .

6. Thansgiving is wonderful! I love the food and family time, plus it's a sign that Christmas is just around the corner. And bonus that there's no school for both, hehe :) .

7. I am thankful for my family. Both my biological family and the amazing family I will be marrying into. An amazing and ever loving fiance. Four hilarious brothers. Wonderful and supportive parents. Crazy, silly puppies. My BFF Jennie and the special "sister" bond we have. A merciful and loving Father who pours out His love for me everyday and directs my life. And lastly, my students. They may drive me bananas 99% of the time but they are all so unique and full of life and I just love them. They put things in perspective for me and help me work on my patience, love, and mercy which I try to show them everyday :).

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm off and will hopefully have lots of pictures for you on Monday... Ciao bellas!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey y'all! It's been a while and I've missed you so! :) So here is what I'm loving this wonderful Wednesday...:

{one} That I'm back! I started my first year of teaching and coaching in August and have been MIA since! I was so busy that something had to give, and sadly it was blogging :( womp, womp. But now I've gotten things smoothed out enough and have myself into a little routine that I'm able to get back to blogging - yay! :)

{two} Cardigans/Wraps/Cover-ups. I'm able to pull off many different looks (which is great on a teacher's salary) and stay cozy in this cool weather with these lovelies.

{three} Sweaterdresses and leggings. My new fave combo! Comfy and classy! LOVE IT!

{both via Victoria's Secret}

{four} Our Save-The-Dates arrive today!! I can't wait to get off work to rush home and see them! Eek!

{five} Tomorrow is my BFF Jennie's birthday...AND I get to go see her on Friday and spend a whole weekend with her! Sooooo happy! :):):):)

{six} This wonderful fall/winter-ish weather. Dressing warm, being cozy, and eating lots of soups/chilis/warm meals in general makes me (and my tummy) happy.


{seven} This song by JJ Heller - "What Love Really Means". I heard it this morning on KLOVE and fell head over heels for it immediately.

Can't wait to see what everyone else is loving today!

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